Festival One Love

About This Project

The festival One Love invited us to produce the visual identity of it’s third edition which happened on the turn of the year 2017 to 2018 at Caraíva, Bahia, Brazil. A paradisiac place full of history where the river Caraíva meets the sea. Besides the 7 days of concerts of renowned Brazilian artists such as the band Plantae, Fala Mansa (Tato), Trio Virgulino, 3030, KRSV, Helio Bentes, Dimelo, B Negão and Gabriel o Pensador, the event also had plastic and circus arts attractions, graffiti, photography, yoga, invited DJs, and good gastronomy. All the attractions and workshops aimed the connectivity between people, respect for Caraíva’s memory, and the social and cultural responsibility of the region. An event of cultural resistance just like Woodstock, peace, love and freedom.