Guilherme Ventura

About This Project

We ware invited do develop the visual identity, album cover and communication for Guilherme Ventura. A multi instrumentalist and songwriter from Minas Gerais, Brazil. Guilherme participated of many nationals and internationals music festivals aways carrying this playful miscellany of electric and acoustic guitars, regional drums, viola, samba, forró, lyricism and swing. The album “Dois Lados” – two sides – brings a clear division. On the one hand, a disc that presents itself solar, mystic and ancestral. On the other side, is a record of human actions and relationships that generate forces that build the story, a nocturnal, urban facet of streets laden with billboards, lights, graffiti and collectivity. “Dois Lados” is a permissive album that dialogues with experimentalism and pop. Guilherme Ventura does not stop anywhere, he is a nomad of the musical aesthetic that allows himself to be what he wants.