Thaís Mendes

About This Project


We were invited to develop the visual identity for the brazilian architect Thaís Mendes. For this task, styles and architectural concepts were worked on; focusing on spatiality, minimalism and structural forms of her creative line.
Inspired by the architect Herman Hertzberger, Thaís Mendes develops compositions that value the relationships with the users. Experience is fundamental to her, the opposition between public and private space is not necessary, although rather gradations of accessibility, functions and forms that can be defined by the use of materials, lights and colors. Visual communication could not be different, so we used suspended geometric elements to create an open and modular visual narrative with the public; resulting in a contemporary visual identity, elegant and disruptive.


We used multiple technics and creative methodologies to create this identity. Aiming to deepen the concept, we invited the client to participate in this process. Together, we started an investigation into who Thaís is, who are the architects and styles of architecture and design that influence and compose her projects.

In a second moment, we started develop some alternatives, based on the concept already defined. Subsequently, we refined the best alternatives and restrict the techniques used.

Finally, we used techniques such as collage, digital illustrations, geometric constructions with photos and vector images to construct her visual identity.